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Why Affiliate To Geekz?

Launching your reimagined school made simple.


Preschool founders can add Elementary Studio (Grade 1 to 5) to your existing school at zero investment. Retain kindergarteners till grade 5, double the admissions & increase your revenue by minimum of INR 25L.


You have a dream to become Edupreneur & reimagine education? Launch your own successful Microschool brand with 5 to 7 students in your community, from anywhere in the world such as your home, office conference room or a rented space. We also welcome existing schools to affiliate with Geekz!


Hate one-size-fits-all factory education model in current school system? Love to homeschool your kid but hesitant due to time consumption, unstructured curriculum & affiliation? We package school-as-a-service (SaaS) & deliver on-demand with international US affiliation accepted across the globe. Stress-free school on-demand!

Your School, Your Rules!

Unschooling the schooling.

What Geekz Offer?

School-as-a-service (SaaS) delivered on-demand.


Personalized curriculum for each individual's needs, learning styles, passions, skill levels & parental priorities.


Dynamic Education Technology (EdTech) platform providing LMS, Learning Apps, Analytics, Communication & Best Practices for efficient operations.

Free Listing

We will list your school's webpage on Geekz without signup charges. You need not even create your website, we got your back!


Guaranteed admissions through Geekz EdTech platform with year-on-year growth, making you a successful Microschool brand in your community.


Leverage Geekz community & zero-cost marketing strategies to drive admissions.

360-Degree Guidance

Geekz community always has your back from pre-launch to building your successful Microschool brand. You'll find a robust help center, support & expert guidance.

Zero Dependency

Geekz model designed in a way to run your school with zero educator expertise. Any parent/person can run our program effieciently from Day 0.


Internationally affiliated to US curriculum accepted across the globe.

How Much You Need To Invest?

Zero investment. Zero affiliate fee. Zero listing fee.

  • Pay Per Kid
  • Pay On Enrollment
  • Billed Annually
  • Zero Upfront Cost
  • sign up

How It Works?

Schooling made simple.

List Your School

Get affiliated to be listed on Geekz website.

Set Your School Fee

You get to determine your school fee, and Geekz can help you decide.

Receive Applications

Once your listing is live, student families can search your school on Geekz website & Apply.

Choose Your Geek

Review the application, initial profile & on your approval, students will enroll by paying the fee through Geekz portal.

Pay Subscription

Geekz generally charges a fixed cost per enrollment on schools & 5-10% on students for learning app subscriptions, the lowest fees in the industry.

School Setup

Once a student enrolls, we will transfer your money immediately, setup your school account & add student on our learning platform.

Empower Educators

Geekz curate personalized list of lesson plans for each student to learn, track & asses, and empower educators to guide students than being content deliverers.

Successful Dream School

We've got you covered from launch to administrative overhead to curriculum. You simply run your school & build successful Microschool brand!

Affiliating In 3 Steps

World's fastest affiliation for free.


Dream with us and make dreams a reality.

Start Your Geekz Journey!

Get affiliated. Welcome your first geek.

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